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jobby: 2D Character Animator, Copernicus Studios, Halifax

December 30th, 2011

Copernicus Studios Inc. is looking for a few good animators to start immediately on a classically animated feature film. We require traditionally trained animators to work on this Flash production and then be transferred over to other in–house productions once completed.

Position: 2D Animator

Contract: 18+ weeks

Type: Full time, on site

Start Date: January 9th

Job Description:

Animators will provide full character animation including posing, breakdowns, inbetweens, clean-up and lip sync. Incorporating all notes from the Animation Supervisors. Animators will work from prepared model sheets, storyboards, layouts, and animatics to complete all designated scene, including retakes and revisions.


The ideal candidate must submit a demo reel that shows strong traditional animation principles.

Basic Flash knowledge is required.

Adaptability to different styles of character design.

Have a great attitude and work ethic.

Able to work & communicate well in a self-motivated milestone-driven, team environment.

Submission Process:

If you are interested in and qualified for this position, please fill out the form and submit your information and link to your online demo reel to:

Your Animation Reel must demonstrate a great sense of timing, pacing, weight, acting, and character movement.

For questions regarding the job – contact:

Studio Location:

1226 Hollis St., Suite 100, Halifax, NS


Copernicus is an artist-driven animation production house in Nova Scotia. Our focus is producing original and cinematic animated content for television and feature films.

See samples of our work and client list here:

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