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jobby: 3D Character Modeller, Ottawa University, Ottawa/Gatineau

For the production of an interactive 3D Lab (Rat Dissection) coproduced with the University of Ottawa, the CFORP and the Ontario Ministry of Education of Ontario, the School of EECS is looking for a 3D character modeller (for approx. 5 weeks of 3D modelling)

The 3D character modeller need for realistic external and internal animal modelling, texturing and simple rigging to be used for interactive educational medical visualization in Unity3D. Tools to be used are at the discretion of the artist and educational versions will be provided if needed. Onsite NOT required — may work from anywhere as long as assets and communications can be delivered online in a timely manner.


1. Digital Sculpting: Must be proficient in pure digital sculpting (eg. ZBrush or 3D-Coat ) or mesh based sculpting (eg. Silo, Mudbox or modo).
2. Modelling/Retopo: Adept in creating geometry at multiple levels of detail, if needed, from the digital sculptures.
3. Texturing: Must be proficient in creating multi-resolution colour and normal maps to be used in Unity3D.
4. Basic rigging: Must be able to perform skinning/weighting and basic rigging on the character meshes (eg. Maya, 3dsmax or Softimage).

If you are interested, please contact :

Mauricio Orozco PhD
Research Associate
University Of Ottawa
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
800 King Edward Room 5077
Phone : 613 562 5800 ext. 6247
mobile: 613 265 9101

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