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jobby: Rendering TD, Pixar Canada, Vancouver

January 13th, 2012
Summary of Position
The Rendering TDs (Technical Artists) are responsible for producing the final images that make up each of our animated films. These technical artists use the render farm and Pixar’s RenderMan software to render and composite high-resolution images, check them for defects, and help to troubleshoot and correct any problems that exist. They provide technical
support, innovation and analysis to other departments, particularly Shading and Lighting, to optimize and improve render times, quality and memory usage for renders in RenderMan.

Manage rendering and compositing of finished images in preparation to deliver for post-production and image mastering.
Work with creative and technical leads to check images for defects and ensure that the highest quality standards are met.
Debug/troubleshoot/optimize production renders.
Provide technical support to all of production in the areas of rendering and workflow.
Assist all departments with setting up review renders needed at all phases of production.
Monitor rendering trends during the course of production; anticipate issues and suggest solutions.
Seek new methods to approach highest efficiency of TD workflow and render farm throughput.
Coordinate with all departments to address technical issues in overlapping areas.


Must have strong drive to debug and solve problems, and a good eye for visual details.
Excellent Unix/Linux skills are a must; ability to script in C shell, Python, Perl is desirable.
A good knowledge of rendering, especially the RenderMan renderer, is required.
Training in computer science or experience as programmer is desirable.
Experience or exposure to Unix/Linux system administration is desirable.
Experience in TV, film, games, (in both 2D and 3D), or other graphics production experience is preferred.
Good written and verbal communication skills, including end user support and requirements gathering are required.
Must be able to context switch under pressure.
Must be able to work alone and collaboratively, often with multiple tasks and under deadline pressures.
Must be open to direction and able to embrace change.

If you are interested and qualified for this position, please submit yourcover letter and resume to the posting at

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