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jobby: Nuke compositor, Tendril, Toronto

February 28, 2012

Nuke Compositor: Toronto-local only please.

Assemble elements from a variety of sources and integrate them artistically into a seamless image. In the case of compositing CG elements into live-action footage, the compositor’s goal is to create a photorealistic image giving off the illusion that CG elements, shot footage and other sources are all part of the same scene.
Primary Responsibilities:

Create organized and efficient compositing scripts that meet all technical and aesthetic standards of the project

Integrate various CG passes, matte paintings and stock elements into a seamless whole and into live action plates using industry-standard compositing techniques

Complete tasks within production deadlines while being largely self-directed.

Present work clearly, describing what is still being worked on and how things can be improved to make the final shot better

Troubleshoot common compositing technical issues

Extract mattes from blue/green screen photography

2D/3D Camera tracking and stabilization

Matching colour grading, exposure and grain of elements from various sources

QC black levels, grain, colour, and mattes

Roto and paint fixes as needed

Provide guidance and mentorship to other artists

Experience and Skills Required:

4+ years of demonstrated production experience using node-based compositing software (Nuke, Shake, Fusion)

Extensive knowledge of Nuke in a CG production environment

3DS Max / Vray  knowledge a plus

Comfortable working in a small-studio, team-based environment where all artists have a broad range of skills

Comfortable working with art direction ranging from realistic, to highly stylized

Excellent eye for colour, contrast and lighting

Excellent organizational, and communication skills

Team player with great attitude that takes direction well

Leading or mentoring experience is a plus

Experience using Deadline to manage renders is a plus

Reliable and flexible

Perfectionist with very high level of attention to detail

Goes through a finished comp frame by frame

How to Apply

Please apply to Toronto-local only please.


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