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jobby: GUI, Kiwi, Nova Scotia

June 15, 2012

Graphical User Interface(GUI) artist
Location: Nova Scotia
•    Design Icons, popups, organize game information
•    Make UI layout
•    Texture popups, buttons and UI related assets
•    Coordinate with art lead and maintain continuity/consistency throughout game experience
•    Work with existing designs and styles and potentially improve older designs
•    Requires logical thinking and problem solving skills.
•    Ability to produce wireframe mockups animations and game-ready assets.
•    Skilled at pixel art and small, but clear, pictures.
•    At least 1 year experience as 2D artist.

•    2 years experience creating game graphics, or print/web design
•    Able to adapt to different styles, from cartoony/cute styles to more realistic 2/3D styles
•    Strong foundational art skills, color, line, form and composition
•    Excellent knowledge of Illustrator, Flash and Photoshop
•    Strong communication and organizational skills
•    Ability to complete work in a timely basis and make frequent iterations on game content
•    Experienced in creating appealing vector and bitmap graphics in Flash and Photoshop
•    Experience in Mobile UI/GUI design a strong plus

Contact: or visit

Kiwi is a mobile entertainment company focused on building beautiful, fun and engaging games that can be played anywhere. Our mission is to make millions of people happy five minutes at a time. We create free-to-play mobile games that you’ll never want to put down. Prior to Kiwi, our founding team has built Top 5 titles on iOS and Facebook.

We are located in San Francisco, but are looking for people in Nova Scotia where we have a few of our lead artists.

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