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jobby: Layout Lead, Pixar Canada, Vancouver

August 14, 2012
About Pixar Canada
Pixar Canada is looking for a Layout Lead for its new studio in Vancouver. Pixar Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pixar Animation Studios, the world leader in animated films. The Vancouver studio produces short-form animation focusing on legacy Pixar characters from films such as Toy Story and Cars.

Summary of Job:
Reporting to the Creative Director, the Layout Lead defines the direction of the Layout department to achieve the Director and Creative Director’s vision.  Supervises, assists, and motivates the layout artists to ensure that their work is completed at the highest quality, on schedule.

– The Layout Lead manages the sequences of shots that convey the story through the application of traditional filmmaking principles in a 3D computer graphics environment. Oversees the shot composition, staging and camera-set up and polish, in mono and stereo formats
– Creates shots and sequences; establish character blocking, camera positioning and animate camera movement provide technical set-up of shots for downstream production departments.
– Sets up and manages workflow for the layout department.
– Holds the overall view for layout for the show and provides overall perspective to the show including story understanding. This also includes shot count management, time and budget planning and delivery through the production.

– Liaises with Editorial to ensure story translation from hand drawn story reels into 3D computer graphics maintains the spirit/emotion/energy intended by the director
– Collaborates with the Sets and Characters team to ensure layout has best functioning characters, sets and props at the appropriate scale to effectively capture the hand drawn story reels.
– Works closely with the Animation Lead and production to ensure smooth transition into Animation and supporting the team as needed throughout production.
– Supervises stereo camera parameter setting process in collaboration with stereography consultant

– Works closely with Rendering Lead, during stereo rendering finessing camera parameters as needed
– Finds solutions to creative and technical problems.

– Minimum of 5 years professional layout experience required
– Minimum of 3 years in a leadership role
– Strong understanding of visual storytelling including staging, composition and editing
– Must be able to motivate and support creative work on schedule, within the Director’s vision, and within a fast paced production environment
– Willing to lead by example
– Must have working knowledge of other department pipelines: i.e. Modeling, Animation, Lighting, Editing
– Able to identify and isolate problems with composition, staging, set up
– Must have a eye for visual storytelling coupled with excellent communication skills
– Must have good interpersonal skills and a calm temperament.  Ability to listen well, be patient, understanding, and trustworthy with sensitive information.
– Bachelor’ s Degree in Film, Animation or Fine Arts recommended, though not required.

Submission Process:
To apply for this position, please apply using the link, providing your resume, cover letter and a link to your demo reel.


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