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jobby: Multiple Positions, Atomic Cartoons, Vancouver

atomic logoJuly 24, 2013

Atomic Cartoons is busy and going to have a busy fall.. we’re looking to fill the following positions. More details can be found at

Line Producer

Flash Animators (2+ years experience)

Flash Animation Supervisor (5+ Years experience)

Flash Layout Artist

Harmony Animators (we’ll train juniors and are also looking for senior animators)

Maya Hair Tech (Shave & Haircut experience)

Maya Modeller (Zbrush experience)

Maya Texture Artist (Photoshop or texturing program experience)

Maya Animators (2+ years experience)

Please check our web site for more details. If you are in Toronto feel free to stop by Taafi as Atomic will be there from Friday to Sunday and would love to discuss the studio and upcoming projects.

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