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jobby: Animators, Designers, Storyboard Artists, Blue Ant Media, Toronto

5700909_300Blue Ant Media Productions Inc., A Canadian media company located in Toronto, is seeking freelance animators, character designers, background artists and board artists to work on a variety of 2D adult animated short format comedy to be distributed on and Mondo Media’s YouTube Channel. All services will be performed under a “work for hire” services agreement, which will be supervised and directed by Blue Ant Media Productions Inc.


Responsibilities and Duties:

• Provide applicable services at a professional and consistent standard

• Work within the confines of the designated budget and schedule

• Must be able to work within a team environment

• Must be able to take direction


Required Skills & Experience:

• 2+ years experience in traditional and or Flash animation

• 2D generalist

• Post-secondary education in animation and or design

• Proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator

• Proficient in traditional drawing and illustration

• Able to work independently

• Strong communication skills

• Self motivated and highly creative

• Able to take constructive criticism and notes


Please send all demo reels, resumes and cover letters to:


  1. Augustus Tan Augustus Tan March 29, 2014


    I am interested and would like to apply for the storyboarding post. I would not mind doing the character design either but let’s stick to the boards; first and foremost, as I’ve been at it for 12 very long years. I can work remotely from Malaysia (where I’m currently located) or in Indonesia (I travel here as well). But let me be honest for a moment— While I am proficient in Photoshop & Illustrator, I prefer to do my work using Procreate on the iPad. If you all at Blue Ant are ok with this, then please contact me.

    Thank you for your time.


  2. Jonathan Godoy Jonathan Godoy April 3, 2014

    HI everyone! I’m from Mexico City and I’m interested on this position. I’ll lie to show you mi work through my gallery in “Deviantart”. Greetings.

    Jonathan Godoy

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