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jobby: TV Series Animation Director, House of Cool, Toronto

twitter_pic_hocAvailable positions: TV Series Animation Director

House of Cool, an outstanding full service animation studio that specializes in pre-production for feature film and television is seeking a talented, creative Animation Director to join our team in the coming months.

Position Overview

Flexing your creative and managerial skills working in collaboration with a senior creative team to help produce a visually engaging, high-end animated tv-series.


  • Defines the creative style of the project’s animation.
  • Defines and implements techniques and processes that help realize and enhance the performance of characters.
  • Ensures that the animation team is motivated to achieve the highest standards possible within the parameters of the production plan.
  • Oversees Character consistency throughout series, ensuring that key character and story moments are supported through performance.
  • Evaluates and casts animators to characters/sequences/shots that best suit their skill sets.
  • Collaborates with creative and technical team to ensure animation feasibility within the confines of schedule and budget.
  • Collaborates with Producer on managing team performance while facilitating optimal production flow, ensuring deliveries are of highest quality and on time.
  • Provides vision, feedback, motivation and support to the team.
  • Interprets, implements and facilitates notes and feedback from clients in a timely manner.


  • Expert understanding of principles of animation and all aspects of animation process
  • 5+ years experience working in animation for tv series and/or feature film production
  • Dynamic team leadership and supervision abilities
  • Ability to work within demanding deadlines
  • Knowledge of creative software platforms.
  • Proven knowledge of production process

Now in our 10th year of business House of Cool has built a strong reputation working on projects like; Book of Life, RIO 2, EPIC, Hugo, RIO, Despicable Me, Gravity Falls and several Ice Age sequels, just to name a few. We have created a fun, inspiring studio for artists that nurture and challenge creative energies.

To apply for this position please submit your reels/portfolios and fill out our online job application at:



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