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jobby: Previz Lead, Bron Studios, Vancouver

BRON-STUDIOS_Logo_FOR-LIGHT-BGAre you a digital artist with a strong desire and ability to enhance and tell story through camera? Do you posses a deep understanding of composition, lensing, and lighting and how to effectively use these to achieve the tone of a given scene? Do you embrace the challenge of creatively planning and shooting a full length animated feature film within an indy budget? Do you have the ability to lead and work with a small previz team? Are you proactive, willing and able to assist in other areas of production as needed? If so, then Bron is seeking you!
We are seeking a Previz Lead to join our team at Bron as we embark on development of our first animated feature film. We are looking for a talented artist with the aforementioned qualities to help bring our story to life through camera. You should have a passion for your craft, take direction well, remain calm under pressure and be a great team player.
• Lead Previz team in execution of camera lensing & staging, composition and blocking of scenes from storyboard animatics
• Lens scout and rough mockup of previz environments and other assets
• Establish rough blocking, camera and lighting of sequences for layout/animation
• Provide camera adjustment as needed through animation
• Oversee final camera upon completion of animation
• Ensure continuity of assets and staging
• Additional duties per production requirements
• Degree or Diploma in Film, Animation and/or relevant industry experience
• Solid understanding and knowledge of cinematic composition, camera and lighting
• Strong sense of pacing
• Expertise in Maya
• Ability to communicate ideas clearly and concisely
• Solid work ethic and positive attitude
• Strong collaborative mindset
• Desire to innovate towards efficient process
• Works well under pressure
• Pro-active
• Efficient and detail oriented
• Strong problem solving skills
• Ability to work collaboratively
Additional Desired Skills:
• Generalist Modelling, Surfacing, Lighting skills
• Python, Pymel, Mel scripting


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