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To provide and frequently adapt a detailed plan for the delivery of a project to the visual effects producer, supervisors and individual artists.


  • Create a detailed plan for the short to medium term and provide to Supervisors and Leads.
  • Ensure the team understands the goals and deadlines for the show, R&D projects etc.
  • Work with the coordinators to ensure the schedule of work is on track
  • Prepare overall department reports for Producer
  • Reports to Producer
  • Capable of motivating and leading teams with enthusiasm
  • Oversee Coordinators and enforce the organisation of dailies, rounds meetings and taking of notes and distribution of information
  • Communicate changes client notes, dailies or meetings either directly or through the Coordinators
  • Take responsibility for knowing the details of the schedule and advising the Coordinators accordingly
  • Be pro-active and solution-orientated
  • Anticipate and communicate issues to the Producer and Supervisors in order to resolve problems quickly



  • Bachelor’s degree in film, art, communications or related field
  • Experience with Office 365
  • Experience in database work / Excel.
  • Organised and methodical in their approach to the work
  • Ability to multitask
  • Calm and personable under pressure and when working to tight deadlines.
  • 3+ years experience in TV or film production.

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