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jobby: Modeling Artist, Snowball Studios, Toronto

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MODELING ARTIST Snowball Studios is looking to expand its amazingly talented modelling team. Our modelling artists work closely with top creatives and production personnel to achieve the overall vision of both the highest level of clients and our creative drivers alike. DESCRIPTION Work closely with team leads and creative leads to achieve quality target. Interpret… »

jobby: Maya Pipeline TD, Snowball Studios, Toronto

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Maya Pipeline TD Pipeline Technical Directors are responsible for improving the overall efficiency of the facility-wide production pipeline. They design, implement, and manage tools that assist the digital artists with their daily use of both third party and in-house software and systems. Pipeline TDs work with peers and supervisors to craft tools, techniques, and procedures… »

jobby: Production Manager, Snowball Studios, Toronto

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Production Manager To provide and frequently adapt a detailed plan for the delivery of a project to the visual effects producer, supervisors and individual artists. Responsibilities Create a detailed plan for the short to medium term and provide to Supervisors and Leads. Ensure the team understands the goals and deadlines for the show, R&D projects… »


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