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jobby: 2D Harmony Animators, Huminah Huminah Animation, Halifax


Huminah Huminah Animation is passionate about producing inspired character-driven stories to screens world-wide. Our award winning, and internationally renowned studio based in Halifax Nova Scotia is looking for 2D Harmony Animators to join our team!  A great opportunity for junior and senior animators alike.  Come live in the safest place in Canada – Halifax, Nova Scotia! 


Position: 2D Harmony Animator (for both traditional and rigged animation)     

Type: Full-Time, Fixed-Term Contract or indefinite, on site, or remote across Canada. 

VERY ATTRACTIVE Signing bonus offered to candidates willing to relocate from anywhere in Canada to Halifax.   

Start Date: Immediately and throughout 2021.

– Utilizing the approved character & prop builds found within assigned scenes and create key poses according to the storyboard references provided. Animating all additional settles and follow-through needed to complete the scenes, along with finalizing the animation including clean-up and color.

– Working closely with the Animation Supervisor on assigned scenes, paying close attention to movement, action, character personalities, staging, timing, and appropriate acting choices.
– Incorporation of all notes from the Animation Supervisor, while working collaboratively with other animators under a strict schedule.

The ideal candidate will bring a strong understanding of traditional animation principles.
Demonstrating a commitment to delivering polished animation through firsthand experience with character acting and motion.

– Experience in 2D Character Animation for television, with a demo reel displaying the required skills.
– Basic knowledge of Toonboom Harmony, if you were trained in Flash no problem we can retrain you to use Toonboom.
– The ability to prioritize work.
– Problem solving skills
– A strong work ethic, and a self-motivated, milestone-driven individual
– Adaptability to different styles of animation

Submission Process;
Please submit your resume, portfolio & demo reel link to: 

Thank you for your interest but only candidates being considered for the position will be contacted.

Huminah Huminah Animation is an artist-owned animation studio based in Nova Scotia. We focus on producing animated content for episodic long and short-form television and feature films. Our vision is to create content that our children, friends, neighbours and viewers around the world will see on their phones, devices and TVs.  So they will be entertained by what we create, to laugh, share and enjoy with their friends.

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