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jobby: 3D Lighting/Compositing Lead, Elliott Animation, Toronto

Elliott Animation is hiring in Toronto! 


Fresh TV and Elliott Animation, a Toronto based artist-driven entertainment company is looking for a 3D Lighting/Composting Lead to join Lucas The Spider, a world-class animated television series.

Immediate start through to June 2022. YOU MUST RESIDE IN CANADA,


The Job description:

  • Work with department Supervisor to maintain production and manage departmental quotas.
  • Liaise with Department Supervisor, Directors, Producers, and  other Dept Leads, to ensure smooth transition of assets
  • Manage and delegate assets within the department
  • Lighting in Maya, rendering in Arnold and compositing in Fusion shots and sequences for a VFX television series
  • Building pipeline compatible light rigs
  • Integrating FX, art or other elements into comps
  • Propagating parent light rigs, layers and comps to child shots
  • Ensuring continuity of light/shadow direction, light quality and shot contents from shot to shot
  • Following established workflows, while using in house tools to ensure the creation of a clean inventory
  • Adhering to naming conventions and other standards established for the show
  • Working closely with upstream departments to ensure the receipt of proper material
  • Maintaining daily quotas with regards to shot output and addressing notes


  • Experience as a lighting and Compositing lead in a studio environment
  • Experience with Team Managment
  • Knowledge of Maya lights and render layers
  • Experience with node-based compositing software (like Nuke or Fusion)
  • Strong fundamental sense of colour and design
  • Excellent communication, organizational and problem-solving skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to deliver work on schedule
  • Ability to carry a shot through from lighting to integration in compositing


  • Experience with Arnold
  • Experience with XGen in particular and other hair systems in general
  • Knowledge of Python and/or Mel scripting
  • Professional experience in surfacing

Please email your resume to the email below with the position in the subject heading.  You must be a Canadian citizen or hold a PR card.

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