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jobby: VFX Production Coordinator, AIC Studios, Toronto

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VFX PRODUCTION COORDINATOR JOB DESCRIPTION: AIC Studios’ top notch visual effects team produces the latest and most innovative visual effects and CGI in both live action and animation. From pre-production, design, pre-visualization and on-set services to sophisticated composites and detailed digital matte paintings, we help to bring our clients’ vision to life. VFX Production Coordinator Responsibilities: The VFX Production Coordinator assists with the… »

jobby: Design and Asset Coordinator, AIC Studios, Toronto

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Description: The Design and Asset Coordinator assists the Producer and Production Manager with tracking and managing multiple departments on a Feature Film by maintaining the Production Data base, taking detailed notes from design and production meetings.  The role also requires constant communication with the artists from various departments and cross continental communication. This role also ensures the… »

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