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TIFF Presents: In Conversation With Brad Bird (video and highlights)

By Mike Valiquette

I wasn’t able to make it to the Brad Bird talk held at TIFF a few weeks ago, but thankfully I have good friends who were willing to share the experience. And ALSO thankfully, TIFF thought they’d share it too! Here’s the video: Here’s a few highlights thanks to Sean Janisse, Barry Sanders and Rich… »

Photo Coverage of Josh Cooley Masterclass at Canadian Animation Blog

By Mike Valiquette

Our partner site, Grayden Laing’s Canadian Animation Blog, has some great photo coverage of this past weekend’s Josh Cooley Masterclass, presented by TAAFI. We couldn’t make it out, sadly, but if you jump over to the link you can be as envious as I… »

Events: TAAFI Presents, a Masterclass With Disney/Pixar’s Josh Cooley, June 20th

By Mike Valiquette

Coming up, from TAAFI, a chance to get one on one with Disney/Pixar’s Josh Cooley, Story Supervisor on Inside Out. The event includes a special screening of Inside Out, followed by a Q&A with Josh, and then the Masterclass, where Josh will walk you through the story process used in the movie. Here’s the… »

events: Storytelling Masterclass with Mike Surrey(Lion King, Tarzan, Princess and the Frog), presented by TAAFI

By Mike Valiquette

TAAFI is excited to present an inspiring and intimate drawing workshop with Mike Surrey, supervising animator on The Lion King, Tarzan, and The Princess and the Frog. This is a special opportunity for participants to learn from one of the industry’s classically and digitally trained artists’ in both story and animation. Workshop: Understand your Character,… »


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