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Watch this! Space Missionaries, by Solis Animation and M.R. Horhager

By Mike Valiquette

Want to watch a not-quite-safe-for-work cartoon? Well, Space Missionaries could be your thing. We posted a trailer way back in 2013 (right here, see? http://www.canadiananimationresources.ca/2013/04/showcase-space-missionairies-from-m-r-horhager-and-solis-animation/) And it looks like they got to make a few episodes with the folks at Mondo.  Here’s episode 2, HOLY SH*T. Written and directed by M.R. Horhager. Solis Animation does… »

Bite on Mondo Deadline Looming! February 15th

By Mike Valiquette

It’s your last to chance to pitch to Bite on Mondo! That’s right lazybones. That idea for a hilarious cartoon that you smugly assume is better than everything else out there? Now could be a pretty good time to prove it. Here’s the link…. »


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