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Who makes cartoons?

I’m asking this question, not in the sense of “who are the people that make the cartoons we watch?”, but rather, who. out there, is making cartoons?

There’s a lot of talk about how the advances in technology, both hardware and software, have created unprecedented possibility for the creation of professional quality animation. Home studios are a reality. What once cost tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, now fits in the corner of a room and can be had for a few thousand. Dozens of my immediate peers have pretty much full production capability in their bedrooms/dens, including sound. But what impact has this had on the output of independent cartoons? I can think of a lot of people who are working on films. But they’ve been “working” for years.

So who’s actually making cartoons?

Nick Cross is.

He’s been making his own films for years. Before Flash, he was scanning his artwork into photoshop and colouring it there, then assembling the whole thing in AfterFX. He used to have a little webcam set up above a peg bar for line tests. As the technology has advanced, Nick educated himself and has tightened up his production methods. He’s made a bunch of films over the years, all the while doing freelance gigs and storyboards.

You can see some of Nick’s stuff over on his site. I don’t think there’s much of it hosted anywhere else.

Mike Geiger is.

I don’t know Mike the way I know Nick, so I can’t comment about how he ended up making cartoons. Needless to say though, he makes ’em. Mike has achieved an economy of design and animation that enables him to execute on his ideas in a timely manner. His films have screened at festivals around the world. And Mike does all this while working for the animated man, just like Nick.

Both these guys really make cartoons too. Not necessarily animated films. Their finished product is unabashedly cartoons.

Who else?

Kyle Marshall made a cartoon.

Triumphant Campaigns of Captain Cudney from kmarshall on Vimeo.

Way back when, so did Tavis Silbernagel. (someday we’ll get FJP online)

I’m working with some Algonquin grads to make a follow up to their graduation film.

Jose Pou is apparently working on a cartoon.

Scott MacDonald made a cartoon.

Keith Savage made a cartoon.

Who else is making cartoons?

I’m putting the question out to readers. Show me your work. Show me your cartoons! Tell me and the rest of the community about the guy who sits a few desks over from you who made a really cool short.

Let’s hear about it.

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