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Mike Geiger’s Cuddlesticks: viral reaction

cuddlesticks-1Have you seen Cuddlesticks? No? Well, you’re part of a growing minority. It’s a short film that was produced by Mike Geiger. He’s got it up on Youtube, along with a bunch of his other work, all of it worth checking out. Cuddlesticks sports an advisory warning, and apparently with good reason.

Have you seen Two Girls, One Cup? Yes? You’re filthy and your brain is forever marred by the images you forced it to process. Also, you might kick puppies. TGOC is a dirty scat porn that became a viral hit on Youtube when people started filming their reactions to it and posting THEM onto Youtube. More viewers would watch the reactions, then go to the site to watch the original video, in turn recording themselves and their reactions, and then posting those reactions back up to Youtube. You see how it goes.

What does this have to do with Mike’s film? Well, it seems that bored nerds and college students have discovered Cuddlesticks, and one among them is a puppy-kicker. That person thought, “Hey! If I could do that with scat porn, why not with this tastless cartoon?” So they did. And now all the kids are watching Cuddlesticks, filming their reactions, and posting said reactions to Cuddlesticks back up on Youtube.

So there you go Canadian animation community, our very own virral success story.

Mike, congratulations. Cuddlesticks is the new Two Girls, One Cup.

And if you ever need a quote for a dvd collection, you can quote me on that.

Link to Cuddlesticks, set up your cam before clicking.

Some reactions.

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