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Weekend Viewing: Shane Acker’s 9, write a review and win a free Animapass

1074893_com_9movie1-239x30011Ok, 9 has been out for a few days, but this is the big weekend.  You have the time, you have the interest, go see it.  Maybe you could even win a prize!

Here are the rules again if any of you want to win that Animapass for this year’s OIAF:

The Ottawa International Animation Festival is just around the corner, and I have a free Animapass to give away!  But there are two, yep: 2, conditions.  Here are my terms:

  1. All applicants must submit a review for the movie 9, in theatres today (check local listings).  It doesn’t have to be very long, a paragraph or two.  I will pick my favourite and that person will get the pass.  They will also get to see their review posted her on the site.  Simple, no?
  2. The winner will provide coverage of the festival for the site, one post a day, at the end of each day.  Again, pretty simple

So here are your instructions.

  1. Go see 9.  Buy a ticket, bring some friends, watch the movie, have some fun.
  2. Write down what you thought of the movie.  You can type a paragraph or two, draw a few pictures, whatever you think gets the  job done.
  3. Send me your review (mv@canadiananimationresources).
  4. Check the site every day to see if I’ve picked a winner.
  5. Check your email every day to see if I’ve picked you.

I’ll keep the contest open til the end of next week, and pick a winner as quick as I can so you can make your travel arrangements.

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