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Drop Dead Gorgeous on

pilot_project_150This week’s offering on is Drop Dead Gorgeous.  I got a note from Caroline Maria, the show’s producer and director, that I thought I’d pass on to you guys:

hi Mike – well the Drop Dead Gorgeous pilot is now online at – i was wondering whether you would be interested in sharing with your readers off the CAR site that we thank CAR for helping us recruit some great talent that helped make our pilot a reality and we invite everyone to view the pilot and support original canadian production – i’m among the few female directors in this adult-oriented animation field and i feel strongly that more programming of this nature, controversial and different, that has some anime influences, will help grow our canadian animation industry into the future.


Best of luck to Caroline and all the pilot producers!



  1. Yoosik Oum Yoosik Oum November 28, 2009

    And thank you, Mike, for this site for looking for opportunities like this. I found out about this show in need of animators through CAR, and am glad I was able to be part of this pilot and excited to finally be able to view the entire finished product. thanks.

  2. Mike Valiquette Mike Valiquette Post author | November 28, 2009

    You’re welcome Yoosik! I’m glad you were able to connect through the site. Keep on checking in and maybe you’ll find your next opportunity here too.

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