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technical diffficulties

Apologies to anyone who popped by yesterday for their daily dose of Canadian-skewed animation goodness,  only to find themselves looking at Chinese television programming or being offered an online education in firearms repair.  It seems there was some malicious code embeddded in a plugin and yesterday the bomb went off.  Everthing should be ok now, so posting will resume as usual.

Thanks to Kevin Deevey for sorting things out, and to Sibername customer support for their efforts, Albert and Matt, you are the shizzle.


  1. Bear Bear February 5, 2010

    Actually, I would like to learn how to repair chinese firearms.

  2. Rob Anderson Rob Anderson February 5, 2010

    I applied for the course but have yet to get any sort of device that one could categorize as a firearm. I think it was a fake.

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