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jobby: Storyboard artists, Eh-Okay Productions, Vancouver

June 9, 2010

Type: Freelance
Project: Voltron Force (boys action/adventure 2D/3D series)
Wage: TBD – comparable to industry standard
Start date: immediately
Job Description: To generate a tight rough storyboard based on provided script, designs, audio track and directorial notes. 3 weeks for first rough pass of assigned script pages (approx 10-11).  Will be expected to provide a reasonable number of revisions, based on director/client comments (an additional week).

!! MUST be a legal BC resident. If you do not qualify as a current BC resident, please do not apply.

Please send cv and samples to


  1. Yan Bardock Yan Bardock June 9, 2010

    Speaking as a professional with no ties to one city or another, I find it sad when companies are unwilling to hire across provincial borders. If I was the best storyboard artist in Canada, would they still refuse to hire me, just because I happened to live in Manitoba? If I paid my own relocation costs, would they still have any reason to complain?

    • Mike Valiquette Mike Valiquette Post author | June 9, 2010

      Yan, trust me, they’d love to be able to hire outside the province. This is an ongoing argument here in Canada regarding the financing of shows and provincial tax credits. Our Provinces each set up tax credit programs to draw the work in, which is why this show is being done in Vancouver, but the way the system works, a huge percentage of the talent working on the show has to have been a resident of the province, and paying taxes in said province, as of the previous new year’s. It’s not that the company is unwilling, but they’d lose the funding that secured them the deal in the first place.

  2. w w June 9, 2010

    Maybe I’ll just register a ‘satellite office’ at a PO Box in BC ?

  3. Yan Bardock Yan Bardock June 9, 2010

    Fair enough, Mike. But if that’s the case, the companies need to stand up to the provinces. After all, if they attract new people to work in BC, then that means more tax dollars for BC, right? So why would the provincial government complain?

    I could see it if companies were trying to bring in cheaper labour instead of hiring well-trained people that are already stationed there (which could very well be the case)… but from my standpoint, it’s just totally unnecessary, and it prevents me from applying for jobs that I might be very well suited for, in what is supposed to be a “global economy.” (Not that I am a champion of that idea, either.)

    In general, despite these “tough economic times,” I wish companies were behaving with a lot more gumption and a lot less hesitancy. As the old saying goes, we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

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