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from the internets: Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum Podcast, OIAF 2010, part II

Here’s the latest from this past fall’s Ottawa International Animation Festival from the guys at: Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum (podcast)


Special Guest:  Ottawa International Animation Festival – Part 2

The Big Bang, Opposable Thumbs, Fire, the Wheel, Chop-Sticks, Animal Husbandry, The Mona Lisa, Gigli, Head-On, the Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum.  Now, the most exciting conclusion to the most anticipated part 2 part of the most recorded audio podcast by the Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in 2010…

Guest List:

Lei Lei

Janet Perlman

Chris Robinson

Steven Woloshen Recipes for Reconstruction

Ruth Lingford & Terah Maher

Spikey Platypus (w/ Rob Anderson) spikey platypus

Mylene Sayo Joel’s Idol

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  1. steven woloshen steven woloshen February 3, 2011

    Boy, did I go off on a few tangents that day.

  2. Chris Robinson Chris Robinson February 11, 2011

    My favourite interview of all time.

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