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from the internets: Jay Stephens interview on CBR

Guelph, ON based, award-winning cartoonist Jay Stephens has a great interview over at Comic Book Resources about his newest co-creation, a King Feature syndicated comic strip ‘Oh Brother!’. In it he touches on the animation process of his show ‘The Secret Saturdays’, which airs on Teletoon and Cartoon Network.

From the interview:

“Can you elaborate on what your time in animation taught you about collaborative work?

I had a blast working on “The Secret Saturdays” as Executive Producer and de facto Art Director! From the development process with good pal and fellow producer Fred Schaefer, to brainstorming plots and season arcs with head writer Brandon Sawyer, to nailing down the tone of the show with Director Scott Jeralds, to the hilarious recording sessions at Salami Studios with our solid gold cast, to hanging out at the production office with the over-qualified crew. I learned so much, and got through it all without being hated (too much) by my co-workers. But, like any workplace, there were personality conflicts and hurt feelings. I had to learn to delegate, and stay focused on the end zone. I definitely earned some grey hairs.”

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