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Funding Drive is on! Support Canadian Animation Resources

Last updated on August 22, 2011

Yep, it’s that time.  We’re running a funding drive again to help keep things going at Canadian Animation Resources.  Running this site takes time, and it takes money.  People keep telling me I should start charging for things, set up memberships, or pay sections, or at the very least, charge for the job posts.  But that kinda defeats the purpose.  I started this thing to create accessibility.  I want everyone to be able to post a job on here.  It shouldn’t matter if you’re Pixar or a freelancer who is looking for an animation assistant for a week.  This is a  community resource.  So things are staying free.

But here’s the conundrum.  For things to stay free, it costs money.  And it comes out of my pocket.  Now, to be honest, it’s a separate pocket that I top up every now and then, and sometimes a studio or other gracious organization helps out by placing an ad on the site.  That’s invaluable help, and without it, I can’t say for sure we’d still be here.  Our advertisers keep us alive.  But so do our readers.  You guys keep coming back and that’s amazing.  Our numbers aren’t huge.  We aren’t AWN or even Cartoon Brew, but I like to think that we have a solid readership who value what we do.  You guys don’t comment much, but I know you’re there.

Last time we did one of these campaigns, I didn’t know what to expect.  It ended up raising a few bucks, bringing on a few new sponsors, and renewing our sense of purpose.  We got a nice chunk of emails and comments, thank yous and encouragement from readers who had found jobs because of us or discovered a favourite film.  The amazing thing would be when you’d see a really specific number, like fifteen dollars, show up as a contribution, and it would be from an animation student somewhere in Canada.  That kid’s making an investment.  That’s sandwich money, and they gave it to us, because they feel what we do is important.  That’s awesome, and kinda heavy.

So here’s the deal.  We’re not going away, no matter what.  I’ll keep this sucker running on fumes if I have to.  But if you can help, hit the link to our IndieGogo campaign or contact me directly at I’ll figure out some perks to include in the campaign and run thank you’s and backlinks for anyone who contributes.  Bigger contributions can take advantage of our ad rates and get some space here on the site.

So go! Click!  Dig out that credit card and give til it hurts.


(not really)

(k, maybe a little kidding)

(but also a bit serious)

(shit, now I sound desperate)


(now I’m Jon Favreau in Swingers)

(watch the movie, the reference plays)

(it’s not you, it’s me)


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  1. Anonymous Anonymous August 16, 2011

    If it can wait a couple weeks I’ll see what I can do =) I didn’t know even freelancers like me could be such a big part of this site and community.I really feel this page is the best for what you offer us, in regards to my personal interests in the industry and even in those films you post that we wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise.

    Anyway, again, if it can wait a bit, I’ll see what I can do. I would really love to be able to help out even a small bit.

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