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Workshops: Free Professional Training In Toronto

I got this announcement regarding some business development workshops being offered in Toronto.  Figured I’d share it:

SheridanCorporate, in participation with CASO and the Ontario Media Development Corporation, is offering a select few with an opportunity to participate in free professional training for a series of pilot programs designed to support animation professional, being offered at the MaRS Design District in downtown Toronto.

Spaces are still available for:
Effective Employee Onboarding (Saturday, Oct. 1 & Oct. 15): Are you or any of your staff responsible for bringing new talent on board in your studio? This 2 day training session explores effective methods for bringing new staff on board and up to speed in your studio as effectively as possible. Ideal participants bring 4+ years experience. Spaces still available.

Understanding the Production Lifecycle (Saturday, Oct. 29): An excellent introduction to understanding the ‘bigger picture’ in the animation industry. Learn from industry veterans how animation projects are made from the very beginning through to the final distribution. This 1 day course is excellent for junior animation professionals with 1 – 2 years experience who are looking to gain a better understanding of the industry and how it works from a business perspective for a competitive advantage. Spaces are limited.

Diagnosing the Pipeline (Saturday, Nov. 12): Drawing from years of extensive research and experience in ‘Process Improvement Methodologies’, this course will explore how to apply PIM to production pipelines in any animation studio. This 1 day course will introduce various concepts in PIM and how they can be effectively applied in a studio pipeline to increase efficiency and output. Participants should have experience managing production pipelines. Spaces are limited.

These pilot courses are designed as pilot programs to support the animation industry and have been largely funded by a generous grant from the Ontario Media Development Corporation. Don’t miss this one time opportunity to participate in these programs for free!

For more information or to sign up, contact Ben McEvoy at or SheridanCorporate at

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