Monday morning cartoon pun: Mike Geiger has a PROPosition for you.

By Mike Valiquette

Yep, I wrote that.

Semi-famous cartooner, Mike Geiger, so working on another film starring this little guy at the right.

Just for kicks, he’s asked friends and fans to suggest props for him to include in the film, Mad Libs-style. ┬áJust leave your suggestion in the comments thread of his blog post and he’ll pick ten to include in the final film.

Here’s the link.


4 Responses to “Monday morning cartoon pun: Mike Geiger has a PROPosition for you.”

  1. A Turkey Baster filled with whiskey.

  2. Dainty

    cuddle sticks

    • Rebecca David

      You gotta tell Mr. Geiger over on his post if you want him to use your suggestion. O:


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