from the internets: just wrong

By Mike Valiquette

Oh dear.  I want to know who approved the posing on this one.  I actually managed the studio that likely did layout on this season of Franklin, so I’m looking at you, Keith Savage.
(clip found via Cartoon Brew)


7 Responses to “from the internets: just wrong”

  1. Too late to call a revision on this one?

  2. It’s nice to know I haven’t been completely forgotten.

  3. Wow, thanks for the good laugh, I can’t help but feel the person who drew that knew exactly what they were doing!

  4. Natasha

    that is hilarious

  5. Rob

    Pure coincidence I am sure

  6. Heather

    I remember watching this episode and NOT thinking that at all! Thanks for ruining a childhood memory! D:



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