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Ikea Munke: Animators finding creative ways to make a living

sexy-ikeamonkey-shirtIf there’s one thing we’re known for in Canada, it’s monkeys.

That’s right.  Monkeys.  Used to be, our most famous animal would’ve been a beaver, or maybe a moose.  But one little monkey in a particularly smart winter coat changed all that about a week ago by paying a mysterious visit to a Toronto Ikea.  The Ikea Monkey became a global phenomenon.  And now, a group of enterprising animators are trying to cash in.

Lead by the intrepid Barnabas Wornoff, these opportunistic artists are sshlepping t-shirts, and working on a game.  The Ikea Munke shirt can be purchased over here: And the making of the shirt is documented here:

I’m assured the game is on its way, here’s some proof:


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