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SUPER SCIENCE FRIENDS: More Episodes!! Crowdfund the Cartoonery!!!

By Mike Valiquette

How is this happening? I know we haven’t covered it yet, and maybe the Robert Valley Kickstarter is sucking up the cartoon crowdfund dollar, but there’s seven days to go and the Super Science Friends Kickstarter is coming up WAY short. The first one was a huge success, and it lead to the coolest cartoon… »

Impotents Kickstarter Update: GOAL ACHIEVED! $20,542!!!!!

By Mike Valiquette

UPDATE, UPDATED: The Impotents has achieved it’s funding goal! We’re going to take all the credit for today’s push over the finish line and send out a thanks to those readers who jumped on board. Now they’ve gotta make the sucker! SSSOOOOOOO CLOOOOOOOOOSE!!!!! With only 46 hours to go, there’s less than a thousand bucks… »

RIDING SHOTGUN crowdfunding on Indiegogo

By Mike Valiquette

Throwing a little love towards my pal Ron Doucet and a project he and his cohorts are trying to fund: Riding Shotgun. They’ve got a pilot available, a bit NSFW, depending on where you work, but it got over 2 million views on Mondo Media last year. Lots of “likes” too. They’re trying to produce… »


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