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RIDING SHOTGUN crowdfunding on Indiegogo

Last updated on March 13, 2014

20140218125803-abby01Throwing a little love towards my pal Ron Doucet and a project he and his cohorts are trying to fund: Riding Shotgun.

They’ve got a pilot available, a bit NSFW, depending on where you work, but it got over 2 million views on Mondo Media last year. Lots of “likes” too. They’re trying to produce two more episodes, all hand-drawn, full animation. The subject matter isn’t for everyone, but I like that it’s ambitious, and if it’s coming from Ron, it gets my support.

Check out the age-blocked pilot here:

And here’s the link to the campaign page on IndieGogo. It says it’s based out of LA, but that’s because MondoMedia, the distributors, are running the campaign. As I understand it, it’s us Canadians who are actually producing the animation.1492087_10153961181960397_1228838788_o

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  1. Murray Bain Murray Bain March 12, 2014

    It has come to my attention that a prominent promotional image on our indiegogo page of Abby is a swiped signature pose of “DANGER GIRL” by J. Scott Cambell.
    We have replaced it. Model sheets are internal production artwork, to teach the artists how to draw the character , and aren’t usually seen by the audience. When learning to draw, we all swipe from the best, (many of the poses on the model sheet were directly from tracy yardley’s original graphic novel, others from an image search) and then draw totally original poses as the production scene dictates. We regret this unintended deception and highly respect J. Scott Cambell’s work.

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