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jobby: 2D Animators, Drinkbox Studios, Toronto

By admin

2D ANIMATORS – Drinkbox Studios is a small independent game developer based in Toronto, Ontario. Our focus is the creation of humourous and uniquely fun downloadable games. The company is currently seeking a talented senior 2D animator for immediate assistance on their upcoming titles. Position: Senior 2D Animator Contract: Full-time, on or off-site. Start Date:… »

jobby: 2D Animator, DrinkBox Studios, Toronto

By Mike Valiquette

DrinkBox Studios, the Toronto-based developer of Guacamelee!, Severed,and Mutant Blobs Attack, is looking for a talented, team-oriented Animator to contribute to upcoming game projects. Position: 2D Animator Position type:  Contract (4-6 month term). Full-time, on-site preferred. Start Date:  Late July / Early August Job Description: The applicant will work in Toon Boom and Flash to… »

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