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Event Report: Sheridan Industry Day 2016

By Kyu-bum Lee

Yesterday (April 28, 2016) was Sheridan’s annual industry day. The attendance from studios was high and there still seemed a lot of positions needed to be filled so it looks like it’s going to be another good year for the graduates. The morning started with screening of Sheridan’s Computer Animation post graduate program students. Films from… »

Event Report: Sheridan Animation Industry Day 2015

By Kyu-bum Lee

Boy, what a day! April 30th was Sheridan’s Animation Industry Day. I was Sheridan Animation program graduate in 2010 and this was my first industry day since then so I was pretty excited to experience it from the employer’s point of view. In the morning we watched films from computer animation post-graduate program. To be… »

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  • VIDEO - TAAFI Talk: Creator Driven Shows!
    I'm very excited to announce that the Canadian Animation Blog live screened the TAAFI Talk "Creator Driven Shows" to the world on Dec 7. The talk was presented by Corus Entertainment and held in their theatre screening room in downtown Toronto.This is first live stream that I've ever done! So, first off, thanks to TAAFI for […]

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