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OIAF 2018 In Review: Fred Seibert

By Mike Valiquette

We were fortunate enough to have Brent Smith in attendance this year at the Ottawa International Animation Festival, and he was taking notes! We’re going to share some of his highlights with you here over the next week or so, starting with a presentation by Mr Frederator himself, Fred Seibert! Here’s Brent’s breakdown of the… »

from the internets: Frederator Interview with Ali Kellner

By Mike Valiquette

Ali Kellner is a Toronto based artist, Sheridan grad, and filmmaker. Her student film, Nana, has been really connecting with festival audiences over the last year, and it’s easy to see she’s a talent to watch. Frederator, in its increasing coverage of Canadian creators, has a great interview with her. Here’s the link! And you… »

from the internets: Frederator Interview with Mathieu Hains

By Mike Valiquette

Frederator sure is taking an interest in Canadian creators lately. First, it was Elise Simard, now it’s Mat Hains! Mat’s an Ottawa-based animator/board artist/creator who made a big splash in the first season of Startoon with his second place finisher, the Angry Little Cupcake. I like Mat. And I like this interview. Check it… »

from the internets: Frederator Talks to Animation Director Elise Simard

By Mike Valiquette

Interesting to see Montreal animation director Elise Simard getting some attention from the gang at Frederator. There’s a terrific interview with Elise up on the Frederator tumblr, here’s the link: http://frederator-studios.frederator.com/tagged/Canadian_animation Go read… »


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