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from the internets: Frederator Interview with Ali Kellner

By Mike Valiquette

Ali Kellner is a Toronto based artist, Sheridan grad, and filmmaker. Her student film, Nana, has been really connecting with festival audiences over the last year, and it’s easy to see she’s a talent to watch. Frederator, in its increasing coverage of Canadian creators, has a great interview with her. Here’s the link! And you… »

from the internets: Frederator Interview with Mathieu Hains

By Mike Valiquette

Frederator sure is taking an interest in Canadian creators lately. First, it was Elise Simard, now it’s Mat Hains! Mat’s an Ottawa-based animator/board artist/creator who made a big splash in the first season of Startoon with his second place finisher, the Angry Little Cupcake. I like Mat. And I like this interview. Check it… »

from the internets: Frederator Talks to Animation Director Elise Simard

By Mike Valiquette

Interesting to see Montreal animation director Elise Simard getting some attention from the gang at Frederator. There’s a terrific interview with Elise up on the Frederator tumblr, here’s the link: http://frederator-studios.frederator.com/tagged/Canadian_animation Go read… »

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