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Event Report: OIAF 2015

By Kyu-bum Lee

Happening this past week (Sept. 16-20, 2015) was Ottawa International Animation Festival. I only went for the weekend portion of the festival and overall I had a pretty awesome¬†time. Here’s brief highlight of the stuff I got to see and a bit of personal thoughts. I started the festival with screening of films by Michele… »


By Mike Valiquette

That’s right! Free passess! 2 of them! The Ottawa International Animation Festival is almost upon us. If you’ve never been, now’s your chance! They’ve graciously offered us 2 free weekend passes, and I’m passing them on to YOU! If you want them, we’ll do a draw at the end of the day, email to… »

OIAF 2015 Poster!

By Mike Valiquette

We’re a bit behind on our OIAF coverage. Here’s this year’s poster reveal, along with some descriptive wordy things.   First up… we got ourselves a nifty little poster created by the Hub collective whose roster includes Caleb Wood, Dylan Hayes, Ted Wiggin, Africanus Okokon and Derick Wycherly. “We approached the project chaotically,” says Mr…. »


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