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OIAF 2015 Poster!

We’re a bit behind on our OIAF coverage. Here’s this year’s poster reveal, along with some descriptive wordy things.


First up… we got ourselves a nifty little poster created by the Hub collective whose roster includes Caleb Wood, Dylan Hayes, Ted Wiggin, Africanus Okokon and Derick Wycherly.

“We approached the project chaotically,” says Mr. Wood (maker of many fine animation films), “aiming to create a large scale animated painting over the course of OIAF 2014 in a live installation. The creative process was championed by an orchestra of unclear and impulsive decisions. We focused on expressing animated movement through painting, collectively treating the surface as a large format filmstrip.”

Hub will also be creating the OIAF 15 Festival Trailer or Signal Film or whatever the hell you call these tiny pieces of propaganda.

Meanwhile enjoy your first eyegasm of 2015:

oiaf 2015 poster

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