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gradfilms 2020: Home, by Michelle Chua

By Mike Valiquette

I haven’t seen too many of the 2020 Sheridan Gradfilms, but this latest one, Home, by Michelle Chua, seems to be of a similar sensibility to the previously shared In Paint, by Aldi Abujan. It’s gentle, nostalgic, beautifully art directed and feels very personal and grounded. I love it. Great work Michelle. Here’s Michelle’s site,… »

Event Report: Sheridan Industry Day 2016

By Kyu-bum Lee

Yesterday (April 28, 2016) was Sheridan’s annual industry day. The attendance from studios was high and there still seemed a lot of positions needed to be filled so it looks like it’s going to be another good year for the graduates. The morning started with screening of Sheridan’s Computer Animation post graduate program students. Films from… »


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