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Press Release: Feature Documentary, Hand Drawn, Seeking Support On Indiegogo

By Mike Valiquette

I like this. It’s got a bunch of awesome people, including a whole whack of Canadians, so I’m sharing. If you can support them, please do. This is the kind of discussion and documenting we always need more of. HAND DRAWN – A feature documentary all about 2D hand-drawn animation, its current state, and its… »

showcase: Kafka’s Little Fable, by M. R. Horhager

By Mike Valiquette

Something a little different from Toronto-based director, M. R. Horhager. Kafka’s Little Fable features really gorgeous art direction from his frequent collaborator Aaron Hong, and some rock solid animation by Omar Al-Hafidh We’ve featured Horhager’s work on here before. He’s an interesting director in that he doesn’t have an obvious visual style and he doesn’t… »


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