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From the Internets: Window Horses Director, Anne Marie Fleming on Joining the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, courtesy of CBC.ca

By Mike Valiquette

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, the organization that hands out Oscars every year, invited a ton of new members this year as part of a push to integrate more diverse voices into their membership. One of those voices is Anne Marie Fleming, the Vancouver based animator behind Window Horses and The Magical… »

from the internets: Women in Animation Combating Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

By Mike Valiquette

This is important. We haven’t commented here about the recent surge in overdue “outings” of shitty men in the entertainment world and beyond. Honestly, it’s been overwhelming and finding a voice in it is intimidating. But there are good, strong people stepping up and creating change on behalf of women everywhere. Deadline’s got an article… »

from the internets: Former CBC Kids Exec Lands at Titan1, Women in Animation launches Vancouver Chapter, Animation Art Collection At Risk in Sault St Marie

By Mike Valiquette

Kim Wilson, who ran CBC Kids for a decade, has signed on at Titan1 Studios to help develop their various graphic novel properties into other media. Consulting Producer Christina Rotsaert is attached in a non exclusive capacity. Titan1 bills itself as an incubator, but is largely unknown in kids media circles. They also seem to… »


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