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30 Second film update, “A Gritty Western”

Over on the 30 Second Film Challenge Blog, for any who are interested, I’ve posted the animatic for what may be the most ambitious film of the bunch.  “A Gritty Western” is just that, a gritty western, in 30 seconds.  The challenge, with this film, is to use the language of the western, the conventions of which most of us are more familiar with than we probably realize, to tell a story in shorthand, and avoid becoming a simple string of cliches.  The film has to feel genuine.

We’ve boarded and reboarded this thing, and I think we’re almost there.

“A Gritty Western” animatic from brotherboxer on Vimeo.

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  1. Ryan Hill Ryan Hill September 2, 2011

    Nice. Some of the actions with sliding the lighter I had to watch a couple times to understand, but I trust them to read clearly once fully animated.

    I did a less gritty western.

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