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from the internets: Student profile of Kyle Mowat at

Over on the TAAFI website, there’s an interview with soon-t0-be Sheridan grad, Kyle Mowat.  The interviewer is Chris Walsh, a prof at Sheridan, so there’s some clear familiarity between the two.  They mainly cover Kyle’s grad film, Ball Pit.  Kyle’s work is not what one generally expects when the words “Sheridan Grad” are mentioned.  Much of the work on his blog would fall into the category of NSFW, so if you have tender sensibilities, it might not be your bag.  His art is engaging, and veers into the abstract.  After this quick peek, I’m really looking forward to the film.

Here’s the interview.

And here’s a quick sample of Kyle’s artwork.

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  1. Rich Duhaney Rich Duhaney April 23, 2012

    Thanks for the repost Mike. There is a short clip at the end of that Sheridan Industry day trailer, looks really cool.

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