from the internets: Frederator Interview with Mathieu Hains

By Mike Valiquette

Frederator sure is taking an interest in Canadian creators lately. First, it was Elise Simard, now it’s Mat Hains! Mat’s an Ottawa-based animator/board artist/creator who made a big splash in the first season of Startoon with his second place finisher, the Angry Little Cupcake. I like Mat. And I like this interview. Check it… »

from the internets: Frederator Talks to Animation Director Elise Simard

By Mike Valiquette

Interesting to see Montreal animation director Elise Simard getting some attention from the gang at Frederator. There’s a terrific interview with Elise up on the Frederator tumblr, here’s the link: Go read… »

Startoon Cartoon Podcast: Emmy Nominated Voice Actor ERIC BAUZA

By Mike Valiquette

The latest Startoon Cartoon Podcast features the voice behind Marvin the Martian, the new Baby Fozzy, and the second man to voice Stimpy: Eric Bauza. Eric’s a real sport, and we get into some great behind the scenes of his time with Spumco working on Ripping Friends and the Ren and Stimpy Adult Cartoon Party…. »

STARTOON CARTOON PODCAST: Behind the Scenes of Running a Studio in Canada

By Mike Valiquette

Over on the Startoon Cartoon Podcast (something else we do that’s pretty much the exact same content we’d like to be producing for CAR), we spoke with Morghan Fortier of Tinman Creative Studios, Hector Herrera of Together Words + Pictures, Kyle MacDougall of Jam Filled, and Style5′s Sam Chou. These guys all operate studios of… »

showcase: Jam Filled’s Tom Pajdlhauser, “Get Off Your Computer”

By Mike Valiquette

Great little video on Art Director Tom Pajdlhauser, who works out of Ottawa studio Jam Filled. More of this, please. Captain Tom for Maru the Circle Brand from Maru Brand on… »

from the internets: Canadian Animation Blog Interviews M.R. Horhager

By Mike Valiquette

Grayden Laing’s got another interview up on his Canadian Animation Blog, and this time it’s with Toronto-based director Mathias (M.R.) Horhager. Mathias is a good friend of mine and a coworker at Smiley Guy Studios. He’s also one of the hardest working guys I know. He’s been in the business about 5 years now and… »

Faces of Film Nova Scotia: Ron Doucet

By Mike Valiquette
ron doucet

The fight’s not over. Share your story. Send us your story, we’ll post it here. I’ve been working in the animation industry for over 15 years here in Nova Scotia. This is back when the television animation industry had just begun here in the province. I started out as a 2D digital animator, and later… »

creator profile: World Doctors’ Bart Batchelor and Chris Neilson

By Mike Valiquette

Bite on Mondo’s got another Q&A to share, this time with World Doctors creators Bart Batchelor and Chris Nielsen. Here ya go! (1) How did you learn about Bite on Mondo? We created a webseries called Archeologists, which was the spiritual predecessor to our series World Doctors. Josh Bowen saw that and hunted us down…. »

creator profile: JEFF SHORKEY!!!! (Bite on Mondo’s Don’t Feed the Humans)

By Mike Valiquette
jeff shorkey

Bite on Mondo is pulling out all the stops as they approach their third, and LAST submissions deadline. This week, they’re rolling out the big gun: JEFF SHORKEY!!!! Here are some words he made in response to other words:   (1) How did you learn about Bite on Mondo? Bart and Chris, the guys who… »

from the internets: Interview with Joel Mackenzie

By Mike Valiquette

Fantastic Music Videos has an interview with Fantastic Music Video maker Joel Mackenzie. It’s fantastic…. »

from the internets: Grayden Laing interviews Torill Kove

By Mike Valiquette
Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.21.56 PM

Here’s the link:… »

Rebecca David chats with Rebecca Sugar (STEVEN UNIVERSE!!!)

By Rebecca David

    With Steven Universe premiering on Teletoon late last month, we were given an opportunity to speak with creator Rebecca Sugar. Within our talk we cover Rebecca’s journey from school to now, her hopes and intentions with the show, how marvelous her crew is (both at Cartoon Network and overseas in Korea) and how she’s… »

from the internets: Lillian Chan interview on Film Annex

By Mike Valiquette

Jeff Chiba Stearns continues his series of interviews with Lillian Chan:… »

from the internets: Jeff Chiba Stearns interviews Paul Driessen for Film Annex

By Mike Valiquette

Jeff Chiba Stearns has been releasing a series of interviews on Film Annex. The subjects are all animators who contributed to his Yellow Sticky Notes Anijam. So far, we’ve seen Marv Newland and Alison Snowden, two heavyweights in the Canadian animation landscape. The latest is another legend: Paul Driessen. Read it… »

from the internets: Alison Snowden Interview on Film Annex

By Mike Valiquette

Last time it was Marv Newland, now it’s Alison Snowden. Jeff Chiba Stearns is sharing a who’s who of animation talent on Film Annex. This is another case of “if you don’t know who she is, you should”. Alison, along with her husband, David Fine, are the creative voices behind classic NFB shorts George and… »

from the internets: Interview with Marv Newland on Film Annex

By Mike Valiquette

Jeff Chiba Stearns has a great little chat with legendary Canadian animator Marv Newland over at Film Annex. Read it. Educate thyself. Here’s the… »

from the internets: Guys with Pencils talk to Adam Brown

By Mike Valiquette

Remember Calvin & Hobbes? Remember that sweet animated clip of them dancing that the internets loved soooo much a few weeks back?! Well, Guys with Pencils want to remind you, and more! On their latest podcast, they talk to Adam Brown, the Hamilton-based animator who created the clip. Check it out… »

from the internets: Noam Sussman on Animation Insider

By Mike Valiquette

Looks like it’s unofficially Noam Sussman week.  There’s a quick interview with the Toronto Animator on Animation Insider where Noam answers the usual set of questions.  Check it out… »

Michael Fukushima Interview, Part II

By Mike Valiquette

Here’s the second, and final part of the interview I conducted with NFB producer, Michael Fukushima. Part I can be found here. Thanks again to Michael, Grayden Laing, TAAFI, and the NFB.  This was a… »

Michael Fukushima at Reel Asian Film Festival

By Mike Valiquette

Following part one of our interview with Michael Fukushima, we present, care of Grayden Laing, Michael’s presentation at this year’s Reel Asian International Film Festival.  Michael is the first producer to be honoured by the festival.  Traditionally they recognize directors. A selection of films were screened, including Michael’s first film, Minoru: Memory of Exile, that… »

A conversation with Michael Fukushima

By Mike Valiquette

Last week felt like Michael Fukushima Week here at Canadian Animation Resources.  He was in town being honoured by the Reel Asian International Film Festival, and I had a two day period that was pretty much all him.  For those who don’t know, Michael is a producer for the National Film Board of Canada, his… »

from the internets: Ted Wilson, Animation Insider interview

By Mike Valiquette

More Animation Insider interviews: today’s Canadian Animator is Ted Wilson, co-creator of Mondo Media’s Gundarr the Barbarian. Here’s the… »

from the internets: Sandra Loke on Animation Insider

By Mike Valiquette

So the other day, Animation Insider drew my attention with a Dave Merritt interview.  As is usually the case, I started poking around to see who else had recently been subjected to the Insider questionnaire.  I found another Canadian: Sandra Loke.  Sandra’s a talented artist who works at Chuck Gammage Animation. Here’s her interview. And… »

from the internets: Animation Insider interviews Diamond Dave Merritt

By Mike Valiquette

Animation Insider has a great formula.  Standardized interview questions that they send out to all kinds of animation types.  There’s a pretty huge catalogue on there, including a number of notable Canadians.  The latest is “Diamond” Dave Merritt.  Whether you know it or not, you’re probably familiar with the man’s work. Have a read here…. »

A conversation with Josh Bowen, creator of Mondo Media’s Goodwin VS Badwin

By Mike Valiquette

  A little while back, I had a few minutes to chat with Toronto’s Josh Bowen.  Josh is an independent producer who had some recent success with Goodwin VS Badwin, a webseries being showcased on Mondo Media’s YouTube channel.  GvsB has ranked up a solid chunk of numbers, and while it hasn’t been a breakout… »

from the internets: Student profile of Kyle Mowat at

By Mike Valiquette

Over on the TAAFI website, there’s an interview with soon-t0-be Sheridan grad, Kyle Mowat.  The interviewer is Chris Walsh, a prof at Sheridan, so there’s some clear familiarity between the two.  They mainly cover Kyle’s grad film, Ball Pit.  Kyle’s work is not what one generally expects when the words “Sheridan Grad” are mentioned.  Much… »

from the internets: Toronto Film Scene profiles TAIS

By Mike Valiquette

A little write-up on the Toronto Animated Image Society by Brandy Dean for Toronto Film Scene…. »

Checking in with Kevin Parry

By Mike Valiquette

I’ve been meaning to post this chat I shared with Kevin Parry.  It’s been a busy year for Kevin, with a lot of well-deserved attention from his first film, the Arctic Circle, and the release of a new film, a music video he directed with the help of a few friends.  I though it would… »

A conversation with Nick Cross, part II

By Mike Valiquette

A while back, I posted part I of my conversation with indie-director, Nick Cross.  Here’s part two.  Nick’s got less than a month left on his IndieGoGo fundraising campaign to finance his next film, an ambitious attempt at producing an animated feature, Black Sunrise.  We’ve got a link posted to the campaign, and I’d encourage… »

A conversation with Nick Cross, part I

By Mike Valiquette

Back on April fourth, we reported filmmaker Nick Cross’ announcement that he was embarking on the production of his latest film, Black Sunrise.  Regular readers will be familiar with Nick and his work, along with my clear and unabashed bias towards both.  With Black Sunrise, he’s making a big jump, from short films to features. … »

showcase: Fester Goes Fishing – Aaron Long, 2011

By sir warren b leonhardt

In true Canadian fashion, we’re profiling a local artist after all the Americans deem him worthy. Aaron Long is my kind of guy. Here’s why – he made this. On purpose. …I know, right? AND, in typical Canadian fashion, I just had to get the facts straight on this guy. So Dr. Long was kind… »

cool beans: Curtis and Tara

By Mike Valiquette

Not sure where to put this.  Maybe under profiles, maybe under showcase?  Either way, today I’m introducing you to Curtis and Tara.  Apart from being two of the most genuinely (as far as I can tell) nice people I’ve met since I got my first job in animation, they also make stuff.  They’re responsible for… »

profile: Kevin Parry

By Mike Valiquette

Last week I posted a fantastic film in the showcase, the Arctic Circle,  by Toronto’s Kevin Parry.  Months back, Kevin was good enough to take some time to chat with me about himself and the film.  Not long after,   I had one of what amounted to three major system crashes over the course of… »

profile: Fifteen Pound Pink – Carol Beecher and Kevin D.A. Kurytnik

By sir warren b leonhardt

This 4th episode of Canadian Animation Radio was a ton of fun for me. When I was in Calgary in the early 90s, my first exposure to animation was through the Quickdraw Animation Society’s night courses taught by then-instructor Kevin D.A. Kurytnik. I have been grateful ever since. With his partner Carol Beecher, they have… »

profile – Philip Street

By sir warren b leonhardt

This 3rd episode of Canadian Animation Radio, we chat with Philip Street, the current director of the NHL’s ambassador to the greatest game, Peter Puck! We talk process and chat about Philip’s 18 years & running as the comic strip creator of ‘Fisher’, one of the Globe & Mail’s exclusively syndicated comic strips, still in… »

profile: Neptoon Studios – Todd Kauffman & Mark Thornton

By sir warren b leonhardt

Well, I’m not sure if these are less work than transcribing, but it’s way more fun! Got another podcast for you guys, an interview with non-other than the directors and designers of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND seasons 1 & 2. That’s right, Todd Kauffman and Mark Thornton of Neptoon Studios joins us. These two have set… »

profile: The many voices of Eric Bauza

By sir warren b leonhardt

When doing a profile interview with a voice actor, it only makes sense to do a podcast. Plus there’s no way I could type as fast as Eric lays it down. Eric Bauza is an animation triple threat – voice actor, standup comedian and layout artist. In our first episode of Canadian Animation Radio, he… »

profile: Kris Pearn

By sir warren b leonhardt

image © ken bautista EDIT NOTE: This article was originally run in the Spring 2007 issue of Apatoons , a closed-loop a.p.a., and the longest running animation related publication in American history. With permission from all those involved, we’ve managed to get a Canadian Animation Resources exclusive! *Be sure to read through to the end… »

Profiles: GAGA, a conversation with Jessica Borutski

By Mike Valiquette

Sometime back, Ottawa artist Jessica Borutski landed herself an amazing and intimidating gig. She was asked to redesign the iconic cast of Warner Bros classic Looney Tunes characters for an upcoming relaunch.  Well, Jess has been hard at work from her canal-viewed apartment/studio here in Ottawa and the show has been announced for Cartoon Network… »

profile: Troy Little

By sir warren b leonhardt

TROY LITTLE is one of the many maritimers carving their own path through animation. Geographically isolated from traditional media centers like Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver, the maritimes have found themselves the center of attention in the late 90s and early 2000s, becoming a new hotspot for Canadian animation production. While things may have taken a… »

Profile: Jason McArthur

By Mike Valiquette

Today I’m going to introduce you to Jason McArthur. I met Jason two and some years ago at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. He was there as part of the Fatkat contingent, along with another very talented fellow, Steve Valdez. Neither of these guys were execs for the company, or sales reps, or anything else… »

Cartoon Brew interviews Ottawa’s Chris Dainty, Dainty Productions

By Mike Valiquette

I’ve been chatting with Chris lately about this very stuff, so props to Amid for getting down to a full-on interview. Here’s the lead-in: As the iPhone user base continues to expand, smaller animation studios and indie animators are discovering a promising new distribution platform. One example is Ottawa-based animation studio Dainty Productions, which recently… »

Dave Cooper/Nick Cross/Danko Jones, Ottawa Magazine

By Mike Valiquette
click on image to embiggen

People are still talking about the Mimi Wobbly video by Dave Cooper and Nick Cross. Here’s a page from Ottawa Magazine about it. click on image to… »

Nick Cross Interview re: Yellowcake

By Mike Valiquette

With the debut of his new film, Yellowcake, Animator Nick Cross has been getting some well-deserved attention. Here’s an interview that he posted to his blog from Slow Decade. And here’s the film again for those who haven’t seen it yet. Yellow Cake from Nick Cross on… »

Mark Capello VS Cartoon Conrad, the interview

By Mike Valiquette

Repeated contributor, Mr Mark Capello(in bold), recently sat down with Luke Conrad and Adam King, the principals at Cartoon Conrad in Sackville NS. The three discuss animation, the growth of Cartoon Conrad, Jesus, and Simon Cowell. I just want to start this interview by asking you guys about Cartoon Conrad, what are the types of… »


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