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Greatest Cartoons Never Made: Chester Brown’s Louis Riel, by Nick Cross

By Mike Valiquette

Yeah. This almost happened. Chester Brown, Nick Cross, Smiley Guy Studios, and Bruce McDonald. Those would’ve been some very cool beans. Oh, and purely by coincidence, today is also Louis Riel’s birthday. He would’ve been 169 years… »

from the internets: more PIG GOAT BANANA MANTIS? could it be?

By Mike Valiquette

Here’s some good news!  A little while back, Nick Cross posted a pilot he animated for  Dave Cooper and Johnny Ryan‘s PIG GOAT BANANA MANTIS!  The cartoon was produced for Nickelodeon, and we all got to see it because the network had finally passed on the project.  It looked like a candidate for our “Greatest… »

Greatest Cartoons Never Made (sorta): Angora Napkin

By Mike Valiquette

Troy Little and Nick Cross just posted a Director’s Commentary of the Angora Napkin cartoon they produced as part of the Teletoon Pilot Project a few years ago.  It’s pretty much my favourite cartoon ever, but I’m biased. It’s a fun commentary, and you can really hear how much they enjoyed making it. The show… »

Greatest Cartoons Never Made: Ren and Stimpy, Life Sucks

By Mike Valiquette

They’re out there.   The almosts and coulda-beens.  You know what I’m talking about.  You’ve probably seen clips or artwork, or heard stories about that show someone was pitching.  I can think of a few myself. A few years back, John Kricfalusi got a second shot at Ren and Stimpy.  The cartoon world got real excited. … »


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