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Press Release: Feature Documentary, Hand Drawn, Seeking Support On Indiegogo

By Mike Valiquette

I like this. It’s got a bunch of awesome people, including a whole whack of Canadians, so I’m sharing. If you can support them, please do. This is the kind of discussion and documenting we always need more of. HAND DRAWN – A feature documentary all about 2D hand-drawn animation, its current state, and its… »

CROWDFUNDING: A World Without End, by Pasquale La Montagna

By Mike Valiquette

Toronto Animator Pasquale La Montagna is trying to raise a few bucks to produce a cartoon. You know how this works. A World Without End – Episode One, A Beginning A Mad man. A King. The pursuit of truth. An evil intention. And a world which never seems to end! It looks great, and it’s… »

Crowdfunding: Winston Rowntree’s Peoplewatching, Season 2

By Mike Valiquette

Produced for Cracked.com and CBC digital, Winston Rowntree’s Peoplewatching is back for a second season. They’re expanding their scope and looking for some extra budget, so they’re raising money on indiegogo! Check it out over here:… »

showcase: Toronto Alice, by Jennifer Linton

By Mike Valiquette

We shared the Indiegogo campaign for this charming film last year, and now we’re very happy to share the film itself. Toronto Alice from Jennifer Linton on Vimeo. Here’s the description: The character of Alice from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Through the Looking-Glass’ is transported to contemporary Toronto. Whilst riding a streetcar, Alice encounters a pair of… »

Campaigns We Like: Toronto Alice

By Mike Valiquette

I came across this little IndieGogo campaign via Carla Veldman: Toronto Alice. Toronto Alice is Jennifer Linton‘s take on Lewis Carroll’s classic, Through the Looking Glass. It features the Alice character riding a Toronto streetcar, and is done using a timeless paper cut-out stopmotion technique. This is exactly the kind of campaign I’m happy to… »

RIDING SHOTGUN crowdfunding on Indiegogo

By Mike Valiquette

Throwing a little love towards my pal Ron Doucet and a project he and his cohorts are trying to fund: Riding Shotgun. They’ve got a pilot available, a bit NSFW, depending on where you work, but it got over 2 million views on Mondo Media last year. Lots of “likes” too. They’re trying to produce… »


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