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jobby: Director of Finance, Guru Studio, Toronto

By admin

Guru Studio’s dedicated team is passionate about bringing inspired character driven stories to screens around the world.   Our award winning and internationally renowned Toronto animated entertainment company is looking for a Director of Finance, who is directly responsible for managing corporate level accounting needs and supervising production accountants. This role reports directly to the… »

jobby: Head of Studio, Portfolio Entertainment, Toronto

By Mike Valiquette

PORTFOLIO ANIMATION is seeking an energetic leader to join our team as Head of Studio. Reporting to the SVP Production, the successful candidate will be responsible to lead the day to day operations of the newly opened animation studio. Situated in the creative hub of Toronto’s King West district, Portfolio Animation develops animated concepts and… »

TONIGHT: Robbie Anderson talks Production Kung Fu at the Rhino (Toronto)

By Mike Valiquette

Canadian Animation Resources’ very own, Robbie Anderson, is giving a talk tonight in Toronto at the Rhino on Queen West in Parkdale. Robbie is, in my very humble opinon, the very best production person in the business. He’s the Harvey Keitel of cartoons, a “cleaner” called in to fix other people’s messes, and he does… »

press release: Tanya Green upped to VP Production at 9Story

By Mike Valiquette

A big congratulations to Tanya Green at 9Story for the promotion. Tanya is one of the nicest and hardest-working people in this business, and this is one case of a press release barely doing justice to the subject. Way to go Tanya! Mike 9 Story Entertainment promotes Tanya Green to VP Production   Toronto, Canada… »

events: Building Digital Media Leaders, Toronto

By Mike Valiquette

I’m long over due posting about this, but there’s a new initiative in Toronto that looks kind of interesting:   Producers, Production Managers, Assistant Production Managers and Department Supervisors who are looking to advance in their careers in digital media are invited to attend a pilot program being offered by Sheridan College and Digital Media… »

from the internets: the best god-damned thing I’ve read about in forever.

By Mike Valiquette

Or, Fuck Yeah Fox. Say what you will about the content they’ve been previewing online. Axe Cop may not be your cup of tea, nor perhaps Apollo Guantlet. But the situation that is playing out at Fox in LA sounds amazing. The confidence the network has put in the hands of their designated shepherds, Nick… »

a conversation about unpaid internships, part II

By Mike Valiquette

A few weeks ago, the comments section  of the site pretty much lit up over postings for unpaid internships by Toronto’s guru studios.  The readership here really got involved, something that I’m always really proud of, and the discussion was generally very constructive.  Guru responded and explained that the posts were a clerical error, and… »

non-canadian: yeah, ok…Pixar’s pretty cool

By Mike Valiquette

New York Times goes to Emeryville. The embed code didn’t work, sorry.  Follow the link for a rare look inside the Pixar campus.  Those are some happy, fullfilled… »

Good Business: Mercury Filmworks offering RRSP plan

By Mike Valiquette

I’m a big fan of good things.  Good design, good information, and good business.  We’re at a point now where our animation industry is generally run pretty well at the studio level.  It doesn’t seem that long ago, however, that you could fill a studio with 150 people, full time, for months on end, and… »

Own it, don’t groan it.

By Rob Anderson

A personal retrospective on what it means to be a project manager. Recently I partook in a fireside chat with a bunch of seasoned project managers from around the country. OK it was a pub but there was a fireplace. Plus lots of beer. Inevitably discussion gravitated to all the problems and heart aches that… »

The art of staying sane

By Rob Anderson

Or: Even crappy McJobs can give you valuable experiences. I was at a conference this week (Casual Connect) for the social online gaming space and had a fun discussion about the awful jobs people have had to do over their careers. It struck me that even that worst job that you have had can be… »

Uncertainty is the principle

By Rob Anderson

Or: Heisenberg would have made a great Producer. A great quote from Ed Catmull: “On managers self-destructive tendencies for creative work: The notion that you’re trying to control the process and prevent error screws things up. We all know the saying it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. And everyone knows that, but I… »

The Production Bible.

By Rob Anderson

Or: there are more than ten commandments in this one. There are many bibles that exist in a production, with many more rules than the ten from the Christian bible. I prefer to call them Manifestos. These Bibles/Manifestos are used to create a baseline or fundamental guide for everyone involved in a production to follow…. »

Weekend Reading Cheat, Video: Pixar’s Ed Catmull

By Mike Valiquette

Posting on the run the past few days.  I’m in Toronto and I’m busy, busy, busy. Here’s a great piece of video with Pixar’s Ed Catmull. A few select quotes: I don’t like hard rules at all. I think they’re all bullshit. I do believe you want a vision, so you start off with a… »

The perfect wave.

By Rob Anderson

Or: when it all goes right! I realized the other day that most of my articles are focused on the things that can or do go wrong with a production. While I consider myself somewhat of a cynic I also like to think of myself as having an optimistic side. Otherwise why keep at it… »

Know your role

By Rob Anderson

Or: Weren’t you supposed to take care of that? I enjoy being a part of a small company. In a startup the roles that everyone play can be very wide and fluid. An artist can do everything from board to final animation. You learn tons fast and get to have your fingers in as many… »

Finding the pressure points. By Rob Anderson

By Rob Anderson

Or: Critical chain management methodology for animation production. I have mentioned before the data on the % of projects that are considered a failure or that go over budget for various reasons (32% success rate, 44% over budget and 24%failure, source) I feel that part of the issue is the way that we create schedules… »

Entering the metrics, by Rob Anderson

By Rob Anderson

Or: This data doesn’t look like a blonde? Knowing the stage that every element of a production is at is extremely important for a production manager. The use of digital asset management tools has become essential. You need to be careful though, it can be very easy to rely on the digital data alone to… »


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