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press release: NFB Launches StopMo Studio App

By Mike Valiquette

The NFB has relaunched their stop-motion app, and I’m dying to try it out. NFB StopMo Studio – Navigation from National Film Board of Canada on Vimeo. Animator Patrick Bouchard made this with it: NFB StopMo Studio – No Disturbing Gramps by Patrick Bouchard from National Film Board of Canada on Vimeo. Here’s the press… »

also from the internets: animation-studio-stuff.blogspot.ca

By Mike Valiquette

Wow. Lots of stuff to look at over here: animation-studio-stuff.blogspot.ca It’s a blog by David Nethery, for “online animation students attending Academy of Art University. (or anyone else interested in the art and craft of classical hand-drawn animation) “, and provides sources & suggestions for setting up an animation workspace for hand-drawn animation. Check it… »

Cartoonists demo the Wacom Inkling, Marlo hulks out.

By Mike Valiquette

A while back, we got the good people at Wacom to send us one of their fancy new Inkling pens to do a demo.  You remember the Inkling right?  It tore up people’s twitter feeds for about 24 hours.  I figured I should get someone who knows their digital tools to put it through its… »

Cool Beans: Inkling Tease

By Mike Valiquette

Look what arrived today! Ok, so that’s not very exciting.  A UPS box. But it’s what’s inside the UPS box that’s… »

cool beans: animating on an iPad

By Mike Valiquette

Check it out!  This is from “Animation… »

PROCESS: Inking, with Nick Cross

By Mike Valiquette

‘Inking’ in Flash demo Here’s a demo video I recorded of myself inking a drawing in Flash CS3. I accidently exported the video in grayscale…oh well…. »

PROCESS: Animation, with Nick Cross

By Mike Valiquette

More from Mr Nick Cross: Animation process with video Okay, after intending to do this for ages, I finally took the time to document my steps in taking a scene from animatic through to finished cleaned up animation. I’ve recorded each stage as a video so hopefully you will be able to see the progression…. »

PROCESS: BG Paint, with Nick Cross

By Mike Valiquette

Nick Cross (Yellowcake, Angora Napkin, Waif of Persephone, Mr Floaf) is a generous soul.  He shares with you, and he shares with me.  Just look at his blog.  See?  Sharing.  Nick has been generously sharing his process in a series of posts, the latest of which exposes the secrets to his succulent background painting.  Nick… »

Gene’s day so far…

By Mike Valiquette

From the desk of Gene Fowler, at… »

Finding the pressure points. By Rob Anderson

By Rob Anderson

Or: Critical chain management methodology for animation production. I have mentioned before the data on the % of projects that are considered a failure or that go over budget for various reasons (32% success rate, 44% over budget and 24%failure, source) I feel that part of the issue is the way that we create schedules… »

Entering the metrics, by Rob Anderson

By Rob Anderson

Or: This data doesn’t look like a blonde? Knowing the stage that every element of a production is at is extremely important for a production manager. The use of digital asset management tools has become essential. You need to be careful though, it can be very easy to rely on the digital data alone to… »


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