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Pixar to Open Vancouver Studio

Last updated on May 13, 2009

For reals! Pixar is scouting locations for a new studio in Vancouver. The Canadian facility will be responsible for shorts production, a niche that is essentially the building blocks of the Pixar empire and has won the studio countless awards. Word is they will be employing roughly 75 to 100 animators and will be looking to hire mainly local talent.
Great news for Vancouver, a city that has seen it’s animation community really struggle these past few months.
Full article at the link.
I imagine this news will be popping up elswhere today, so I’ll try to update as we go.
Thanks to Kelly Irwin for the tip.
Update: links to coverage.
Vancouver Sun
Calgary Herald
the Hollywood Reporter
The Hollywood Reporter has the most info. It seems that Pixar is looking for locations to BUILD a 20 000 square foot facility. Not much else to add for now.


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