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By Mike Valiquette
  • spine02_cubefaceAmberwood Entertainment’s Rollbots secures international braodcasters(resisting urge to make an “on a roll” themed comment)
  • Gwen McCauley joins Cookie Jar as VP Distibution/Sales Operations
  • Go read this.  It’s an interesting look at a study on children’s telvision production in Canada.  The nuts and bolts include the overall drop in the average budget of a kids’ show, the drop in production, and how this affects our competitiveness on the world stage.  It doesn’t get into it too deep, but the facts are there.  I may reprint the whole thing here and try to open some discussion.
  • AWN has a chat with Chris Landreth about his new film, the Spine
  • I Met the Walrus wins best animated Short in Banff

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