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From the Internets

  • 080820_f_zoo7 leftover episode’s of Cuppa Coffee stopmo show, Life’s a Zoo shelved by Teletoon.  But they are airing reruns of “Bromwell High, King of the Hill and John Callahan’s Quads!“.  I’m fine with King of the Hill reruns being on TV somewhere indefinitely, but Quads and Bromwell high bore me to tears.  I know, let’s launch a Pilot Project to develop new shows from Canadian producers so we can develop them into series for our Detour Block!  Oh yeah.  We did that already.  They’re on the shelf next to Life’s a Zoo.
  • Rainmaker shows a loss in revenue for 2nd quarter 2009.  They projecting increases, and if the job posts are any indication, they’re ramping up for a fair chunk of work.
  • Cookie Jar and CBC team to bring Richard Scarry’s Busytown Mysteries to the web.
  • Quick piece on 14 year-old Calgarian, Eric Hayes.  His film, A Recipe For Disaster, made it into selection for this year’s OIAF.a2a868f34ad796605e3286d916c8

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